Monday, December 10, 2007

Kal and yarn shops

Well I'm about a third of the way done with my first kal sock. I really like this pattern but not in love with the yarn. It's too "busy" for this pattern. I'll have to try the pattern in a different colorway. The sock yarn is "self striping" and has too many different colors to show the pattern well. The nice thing about it is it dosen't show my mistakes at all(hehehe). Another thing is that I had to rip a few times and the yarn didn't seem to be impressed with that. It got a little fuzzy on the heel part. I will be going to a yarn shop that I found in New London. I live in rural MN and there is one yarn shop in Alexandria and one in New London. 25- 30 miles in the opposite direction (how lame is that??????). I would love to open my own yarn shop but don't have the funds for it. Oh well.
The other "yarn shops" I'm limited to are a Ben Franklin, JoAnn Fabrics, and a Wal-Mart. The BF isn't so bad it just is kind of spendy. When I wa in there last week the manager was on vacation and had neglected to order sock yarn, Or they had gotten invaded by a bunch of sock knitters(which is entirely possible. There was about 5 skiens in all.
JoAnn Fabrics has an ok selection if you know what you need. The employees don't seem to have a clue about what yarn is good for which project. They are really good at giving blank looks and shrugging.
And Wal-Mart is ok but has a limited selection also. I did find som knitting books on clearance so I'm pretty happy.

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Persnickety Knitter said...

That stitch pattern looks nice, but I agree that the yarn is a little "busy" for that particular pattern.

It's so hard to find a stitch pattern that looks good with a heavily-patterned sock yarn. I wish more sock yarn manufacturers would make yarns that are just slightly variegated (like with shades of a single color).