Monday, December 3, 2007

Socks are done!!!!!

Well I attempted to take pictures tonight but my camera took a poop. GRRRRRRR. Oh well. I'll just have to bug the hubby more for an early christmas present. (hehehe). I finished the socks today and another hat for the daughter. I am still working on a teddy bear and a couple of wash/dish rags. The teddy bear is one of the projects off of knitty gritty and is a knitting for charity project.,2025,DIY_14141_4826306,00.html
knitty gritty has a lot of neat patterns and projects on there. The only thing is the teddy bear i'm knitting now has been modified. I thought the pattern they had was a little to thin so i knitted twice the amt of stitches so it's wider than the pattern calls for. I am knitting it for my aunt's step grandson. I'll probably knit one for my daughter too. Well, thats all for tonight. I still have work to do on the blog.

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