Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Target is on it's way

There. They are done! They look pretty dangerous, don't they? Actually, they weren't too bad to knit. A lot of people had trouble with the pattern but the only problem I had was figuring out how to do the increase stitch. It was kind of a weird increase that I had never heard of before and I blew it. Thank goodness the Supreme Commander ruled that a M1 was good enough. Other wise I would have had to rip out a sock and a half and I would have been a bit pissy. I could have just sent them to my assasin as is but I wouldhave felt bad having to make her or him frogging the whole works and starting over. As it was it took me 13 days to finish these socks. It's a new record (for me anyway). Yeah I think I'm part turtle.

I started another pair of Monkey Socks by Cookie A.

I just love this pattern!!! It knits really fast and is a brease to memorize. I'm a bit further along than the picture shows but I've been too lazy busy to take a picture. I'm one pattern repeat from the toe decrease. It's available here. I got it (the link to off of Ravelry. Ravelry can be found here. If you're not on Ravelry you're really missing out. It has lots of patterns, links, help, and just about everything a knitter or crocheter can want.

My SIL was supposed to come up last weekend but she didn't want to put up with my drunken arse got sick. The knitting under the influence has been post poned to this weekend. WOO HOO!!!!!!

A stop to the Yarn shop tomorrow. Not quite a Knit Night but Book Night. I decided to join because the LYSO said it was ok to bring knitting projects with. I also found the June's book for 50 cents at a rummage sale. I thought it was a sign. I have the book about 1/4th read. And it really good. We'll see how it goes. More sock yarn for the stash but of course no pictures (see previous lazy busy comment) I will get pictures before next time.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm not dead yet

Yea me. I'm still kicking in the Sock Wars III. I'm amazed as hell. I'm just about finished the gussett on the second sock so hopefully a day or two and I'll be done. My assassin was knocked out today so there will be some confusion as to when I get knocked out. (I hope) There is a PDF on my comp that tells me who is who's assasin and a link on the Sock Wars site tells you who is dead or alive but still.....1200 knitters in one giant killathon (heh). It's great!!!!!!
I'm working on a pattern to teach at Uniquely Knits on the first Sat of June. It's a boot sock battern for the On Your Toes yarn the LYSO got in. I was going to have a fancy pattern but I'm not having any luck with the pattern so that part is in a time out. I'll figure it out sometime this century. LOL The SIL will be up this weekend so maybe I'll have a Knitting Under the Influance post (maybe pictures too Heh) on Mon.
I would like to make a suggestion to all knitters out there. You should join Ravelry If you haven't already. That site is just awesome!!!!! There are so many KAL forums, help forums. They even have a Yarn Harlot Fan forum. I'm not just tooting a horn here who am I kidding of course I'm tooting a horn, just not mine the sight ROCKS!!!!! There are more patterns than you would be able to knit in a lifetime. I know, I have downloaded most of them.
I bought some more sock yarn last Sat (imagine that) From the Enabler. She totally ROCKS. (Ok now she's gonna get a swelled head cause she stopps by here once in a while LOL)

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm still alive and kickin"

I am still alive in the Sock Wars III competition. Yea me!!!! I'm kind of surprised really. There have been people "killed off" on Tuesday. There are some people with no lives really fast knitters out there.

Here are my "weapons". I started a pair of monkeys with the magic loop and thought I should compete with DPNS but I just couldn't finish the first sock with the DPNS. I like the magic loop too much. LOL I did have a problem with ladders on the ribbing on the second sock so I had to frog the ribbing on the second sock and re-knit with DPNS.

WATCH OUT ROCKETGIRL I'm getting closer!!!!!!!!

Another really cool thing is that I'm going to be instructing a sock knitting class at Uniquely Knits yarn shop. woo hoo Iam really excited!!!! I hope I don't fall flat on my face am sure I'll do a good job. I'll be teaching the basics of sock knitting so it won't be too difficult. Well back to my "weapons"