Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm still alive and kickin"

I am still alive in the Sock Wars III competition. Yea me!!!! I'm kind of surprised really. There have been people "killed off" on Tuesday. There are some people with no lives really fast knitters out there.

Here are my "weapons". I started a pair of monkeys with the magic loop and thought I should compete with DPNS but I just couldn't finish the first sock with the DPNS. I like the magic loop too much. LOL I did have a problem with ladders on the ribbing on the second sock so I had to frog the ribbing on the second sock and re-knit with DPNS.

WATCH OUT ROCKETGIRL I'm getting closer!!!!!!!!

Another really cool thing is that I'm going to be instructing a sock knitting class at Uniquely Knits yarn shop. woo hoo Iam really excited!!!! I hope I don't fall flat on my face am sure I'll do a good job. I'll be teaching the basics of sock knitting so it won't be too difficult. Well back to my "weapons"

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