Sunday, February 22, 2009

Swatch People!!!!!!!!!

I bought a new book a couple weeks ago. It is awesome.

The thing is (there's always a thing...) I cast on with the recommended needle size but not the yarn used...... Good thing I have a toddler that likes to wear hand knit socks...

I used Beracco ultra fine alpaca and it's turning out great.... just a few sizes to small....I will swatch for the next pattern, I promise.

I also started a Log Cabin afghan and it's going great. I used 5 colors and cast on 40 stitches and just kept knitting. I cast off after the second color and picked up the edges and knit 18 rows. Cast of all but last stitch and kept picking up knit 18 rows cast off, etc. etc. I lost my card for my camera but will post pics next time.
I bought a crap load of cotton yarn and 2 patterns for t-shirts at a sale at Uniquely Knits last weekend. The hubby was not impressed that I got it for 40% off....But he didn't take me out for Valentines day or out 5 year anniversary, so that'll teach him.... Probably not but I keep hoping.

Actually I have no reason to complain. I am working on my stash and he doesn't usually say anything. He just shakes his head and wanders away.

I blew out my first socks. I got those during Sock Wars III Last summer. I darned them the easy way. I yelled "Darn it!!!" as I tossed them in the garbage..... I really don't think they were salvageable any way. I put them in the wash and put them on. I walked around for an hour before I noticed it. I kept saying to myself "Gee, the floor feels aweful cold for some reason..." Then I looked at the bottom of my sock and found out why...( I never claimed to be the brightest bulb on the tree mind you)
I need to get knitting on the socks I have on the needles. I have six pairs or so..... Yeah I have knitting ADD.