Saturday, December 1, 2007

Very First Post Dec. 1st

Howdy all. as this is my very first blog so I have no idea what I am doing. I started knitting about a year or so ago. My god mother Taught me many years ago(don't ask). I didn;t really get into it and put down the knitting needles and went on my merry way. I got back into it when my sister in law came up for the weekend and re taught me. (I bet the hubby is real impressed with her) I started knitting cotton wash/dishrags( love em and won't go back to store bought) does thak make me sound goofy? Knitting came in real handy when i was pregnant and didn't have much else to do. I worked at the time but not full time so i had time to kill and couldn't ride my horses. Right now I'm in a sock phase which i may not make out of sane. My first pair are just about finished and look like a 2 year old knit them.(ok maybe not that bad)
I have to get my camera working so i can get pics on here but will do that in the next few days. (I might try and talk the hubby into getting me a real nice one this christmas)
I will be posting a lot (I hope) as i have no life and a 9 mo old daughter. I'm also a stay at home mom (how boring) and self proclaimed horse trainer (i have only trained my own) and all around bum.

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