Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry After Christmas

Well the Hubby Came through and got me a camera for christmas. He ROCKS!!!!! I totally love this camera!!!! It works great! This picture was taken INSIDE with NO FLASH!!!!! I about fell over. I been playing with is so much I used up the batteries it came with (hehehe). I was feeling pretty smart while I was opening the pack of batteries I remembered to grab.

I also got a new Sock knitting book, and (gasp) a new skein of sock yarn. The book is Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I love it already and have just had time to thumb through it. I'll actually have time to sit down with it this weekend when me and the SIL get together and do our knitting thing.

I was goint to get New Pathways For Sock KNitters by Cat Borhi but I decided i wasn't quite ready for that one yet. I qued it up for the hubby to get it for me in feb for valentines/anniversary gift.

See, My sock Yarn stash is growing. Woo Hoo!!!!! I also bought some baby cotton yarn (that's what the sock is made out of) in 4 different colors. They are quite large so I should be able to make many different socks ( darn the bad luck).

The First is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the Lupine colorway.

The other three are Trekking XXL by Zitron. I haven't found any sock patterns that have kicked me in the hind end for these yarns. But I'll find some I'm sure. (The new book might be helpful in that ;) )
Well until next time .....

Happy Knitting!!!!!

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