Thursday, June 5, 2008

Psycho Stalker Sales Reps

I went to the LYS tonight (which was a bone headed idea due to the weather) and I "rescued" the LYSO from a Psycho Stalker Sales Rep. Evidently the woman has been there before but is really annoying. She shows up without making an appointment selling crap stuff. Today she was selling buttons. And Deb just bought some to get her to go away. Well it didn't work. She sat out in front of the store FOR FORTY FIVE FREAKING MINUTES!!!!!! WTF? So I sat in there and waited until she left. I should say they. There was two of em. I was kinda thinking they were waiting for me to leave. To knock off some merino? To snag some sock yarn? To roll the acrylic? We will never know.......... (she kinda looked stoned......just sayin'.....)
My baby sitter wasn't feeling well so I had to leave after the above named persons left. But there was no way I left empty handed of course. I snagged some sock yarn. (imagine that) my sock yarn stash is getting well rounded. And as it is night I won't be able to post pics until I can take some pics during daylight hours. My camera dosen't do well in the artifical light.

I got my target's SIP via Fed-Ex today. Wooo Hooo! the only bad thing is I can't knit on it until after Sat Sock of the Month class at Uniquely Knits. Unless I can Knit like a banshee and get 2 socks knit by then. Well 2 socks finished. They are both started.....wel one is started and the other is almost finished. But hey, I have a one year old and am a member of Ravelry. Need I say more?

There is the picture if the boot sock. My Own Pattern! woo hoo Ok it's not that complicated of a pattern but I am pretty proud of it. It's too big for me but it's for display for the LYS. They are going to be the first pattern for the Sock a Month Club. I figured for the first one it should be easy for beginers. (If there are any) We'll see on Sat.

And That's what showed up when I was taking pictures. Evidently he wasn't getting the attention he was wanting. LOL. What is it about dogs? You can pet them and pet them and all they want... is more petting. Sheesh......I may need a beer.....


lucky knitter said...

That is so exciting, you designing your own sock pattern! Congratulations!

Dirty Laundry Diva said...

Oooo can you teach me how to make a pair of those? all I can do is knit rectangles right now but those are so cool!