Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dead Knitter Walkin...

I received an e mail over the weekend that my "death socks" are on their way. Oh well, I'm more than ready to be done with the Sock Wars III. I have made one kill and knit one complete sock so I've done my duty.

I was at the yarn shop on Sat. and bought a book. (yea me) Knitting Stitches by Mary Webb. I've owned it for less than a week and already have ideas for sweater designs. (Oh My). We'll see if they pan out. Hopefully I'll have a PDF download figured out for the blog. (read: I ain't holding my breath LOL)

No new projects or finished projects to report. I will post a picture of the current Sock Wars sock before I send it to my assasin for her to finish. It's summer so I'm trying to get all the "outside stuff" completed before I knit so the knitting has slowed down a bit. I've also been spending way too much time on Ravlery. There is way to much on that website. You outta try it.

Another "Knitting Under The Influance" to report. No major mistakes or goofy knitting happened. Me and the SIL were way to tired (we were both up at 6:30 am)to get too wasted squirrely. So we just had a few.

Me 3


She is so way behind, (read: I'm more of a drinker than she is I don't get out as often as she does).

The DD was invited to her Very First BDay party on wed. We'll see how that goes. My cousin has a daughter that turns one on Wed. and my DD is just 16 months old. It could be very interesting. I hope no blood is shed everything goes well.


DirtyLaundryDiva said...

I wish I was that smart about knitting... I don;t do patterns, they confuse the hell out of me!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
Your Brown Sheep grey yarns are in! Stop in whenever the mood strikes you to head into New London.