Monday, April 21, 2008

Sock Wars III

Well I went ahead and joined Sock Wars III! I hope my slow ass gets past the first round. HEH I'm not betting any green on it.
I also went and bought my daughter some rabbits. Yeah they'll be good for a one year old LOL. I also agreed to "foster" a calf for a neighbor. He's a real cutie. A black angus and I named him Porter. As in "Porterhouse" not Porter Wagner. Yeah I know I have a sick sence of humor. But at least it's not another horse (that's what I keep telling my hubby) We now have 5 horses. Well, 3 horses and 2 ponies. I picked up one from a sale a couple weeks ago for $30. Yep thirty bucks!!! Nobody else bid on the poor little girl. She is only a year old so I brought her home. thought I was gonna have to find a new one for a minute The hubby just loved her. So we're getting to be quite the farmers here. All we need are a couple pigs and a few sheep. Nothing new on the needles. I figured I had better get some of the WIPs out of the way. The I could justify getting more yarn casting on something new. I haven't really made any headway on the WIPs either. What with all the rabbit shopping and calf hunting.....

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