Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Knitting under the influence

Yeah I know it's a bad idea but it can be done. Not by me but by the SIL. She came up to celebrate Christmas and friday night became a "party". It was me, her and the FIL. (the hubby was with the baby) It was great until this shilly sit knitter (hence the name) got into the rum. All was fine and dandy when i was sippin on the beer, but then (horror of horrors) the beer ran out!(Gasp) Then I had a really bright idea (relatively speaking of course) "There is half a bottle of rum, Maybe I'll have one". One ended up being three (I think). This knitter was actually too drunk to knit. I was trying to finish those cute purple and pink socks that were posted earlier. All I had left to do was the toe decrease and I had enough sence (surprisingly) to not want to have to frog the toe the next day. That was the first time that has happened to me. And I STRONGLY recomend if you start drinking beer- stick with beer. I had a hangover from HELL. I felt like somebody knitted me up and frogged me four times. BAD BAD BAD. The SIL just laughed at me and drug me out to check out the LYS in New London anyway. Uniquely Knits. I had fun limping along in my hungover state. I felt like death warmed over. And we still had to cook Christmas supper that night (sat). THe rest of the weekend was a blast. And I got those socks and the KAL socks done and kitchenered and acouple of swatches knitted.

There they are. Not the best I've seen but not the worst either. I didn't block them yet so I bet they will look better when I get that done. (If I get it done).

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