Friday, January 25, 2008

Gift or Bribe?

Well I got a new project handed to me. Not a real hard one. Just a partially knitted sock. HEH. The sil was up and offered me the leftover sock yarn if I finished the socks. (Good move sil, ya know I'm a sucker for yarn). They are pretty easy, just a basic 2x2 rib basic sock. Nothing like brain surgery.

Pretty yarn too. I think the yarn will make a cute pair of socks for the lil turd. There are nice patterns in SENSATIONAL KNITTED SOCKS by Charlene Schurch. I did a variation on the "Class Sock" for one pair for the lil turd. I cast on 40 instead of 32 and used sock yarn and size one dpns instead of worsted and size 6 dpns. These were done with leftovers from my razor shells.
I tried to knit an afgahn the other day and it didn't work so well. My dumbarse didn't go buy stitch markers. (how dumb am I?) anyway, I messed up on counting the stitch pattern and missed a repeat somewhere and I just frogged the whole thing. I'll re do it after I go get the stitch markers. I'm still trying to get all the lil gadgets and gizmos that help knitting go smoother but evidently have brainfarted this one lil thing or things.

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