Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two Months...........

How lame am I? It's been two months since my last blog post. Ack. I've been a bit busy and I need a kick in the ass once in a while. LOL Well I got one today. I went to Uniquely Knits today to teach my Sock a Month class and Deb got on my case told me I should update. Nobody showed up so I spent the day helping with inventory. I got to play with lots of yummy yarn. I have a couple new projects to yap about show you. I started this one last night. I just cast on and am going by what ever comes up. It's a sock knit with Trekking XXL.

I really like this yarn for some reason. It comes in a lot of different colors and is fairly in expensive. $14.95 per skein at Uniquely Knits.

Here is another sock. (Do you see a pattern here?) This one is for my baby sitter. She has really tiny feet and she baby sits once in a while so I can go to knit night on thursdays. (Yea me) I used Regia Tweed for the main color and Regia Avenue Color (it's a self striping yarn) for the fair isle pattern I charted myself. (Another yea me) I'll probably have this available on Ravelry when it's complete providing it works out knitting it up.

Here is my Bayerische sock I've been knitting on for the past couple of months. It's kind of complicated but after you knit a few pattern repeats it gets easier. It just takes me for ever to knit because I'm slow I pay real close attention to detail.

Here is a glove I started a month ago. I need to sit and figure out how to do the fingers because I did another pattern repeat and I have to actually do math. This is for my aunts birthday that was on Sept 28th. Yeah I'm lame I'm just really busy.

I knit up a sweater for my neice's baby and in my lame assed hurryto get it done I forgot to take pictures. I finished it at noon on the day of her baby shower. (More lameness on my part) I'm thinking I had better not queue up too many knitted gifts for Christmas or I'll be going without sleep all of December.

I have2 more baby sweaters to knit up before November. So wish me luck!!!!!

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