Monday, February 18, 2008

How Cute Is This??????

My aunt bought this for me. Isn't it just cute? She found it at a second hand shop in Alexandria. I also went to the yarn shop again, and got more yarn. I bought 3 skeins
This one is alpaca sox. I'm so gonna love knitting this up into socks!!!!
These are Happy feet sock yarn (are you seeing a pattern here?) My enabler, dealer, pusher, LYS owner Deb is great! I've been there quite a few times (imagine that). And every single time I leave with at least one skein of yarn. The SIL left with 8 once (HEH). (I shoulda got 10% off on that deal) (hi Deb hehehe)
And isn't he just cute. The hubby wen out to feed the horses this evening and comes back to show us this. The poor lil guy was a lil hungry and the hubby had left a 5 gallon bucket with some grain in there and Fred fell in He was set free about 4 minutes after the picture was taken. He was just hungry and after the grain. I might have to start putting cat food in the barn for him. Or not. I'm sure there is enough grain layin around from the horse slobberin and tipping feed pans for him to scrounge up.

And another sock on the needles. I just finished these: They are for the lil turd. They fit her, but just barely. So I started another pair for her with the yarn I got from my Sil. I cast on 4 more stitches so they should fit better and longer. I have a lot of the purple yarn left so it's not a problem to knit another pair of those. Yeah it's winter and I have a lot of time on my hands.......

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Anonymous said...

Hey you,
Love your blog! Thanks for stopping into the store yesterday amid the sale chaos. Always fun to see you and give you grief! Enjoy your newly-purchased yarn and book. Let us all know how you're able to knit two socks at once!