Monday, July 28, 2008

It's been awhile

Yeah I know, I'm a slacker blogger. That and I've been a bit busy........... I've been working with the horses a bit in the last few days. I can't seem to find a trimmer that dosen't want my first born
to trim 5 horses so I have been having to do it myself (with the hubby's help of course). So that's been fun.
I have more yarn to post (insert evil laugh) I also have a few projects to add. (Yea me)

This is Berroco self striping in purpls black and a bit of a tan or carmel color. It will knit up nicely I'm thinkin. This is Opal hand painted. My first skein of opal ever! I'm liking the colors for a fall scarf or socks.

These are 50 gm balls of Lamb's Pride Super Wash Sport weight I ordered from my LYS. THere was a mix up somewhere along the way because I thought I ordered 4 different colors /and this is what came. Oh well, more yarn is on the way then. damn the bad luck This was a gift from my "assasin" in Sock Wars III. I'm thinkin mittens for the lil turd (pictured above) or socks of course or both. (Maybe matching for her. LOL.) These are a yummy alpaca blend from Berocco. I also have another color on the way. Bergundy. I'm thinkin for a fairisle sock or gloves. I might have to add a skein of cream to complete the set. More Mountain Colors. These yummy skeins are in the Mountain Twilight colorway. One for me and one for a gift for my aunt who also loves purple. I think she'd prefer gloves to socks though.

This is another Mountain colors skein. Do you see a pattern here? Not sure for what yet.An last but not least these are for the hubby. (I can post 'em here because he is computer illiterate dosen't read the blog. Since I have 2 skeins I'm going to be knitting this 2 at a time on one circular needle. The pattern is The Classic Sock by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. Go and visit her, she rocks!!!!!!! (and buy the book, it rocks too!!!!)

This project is a sock for the LYS. It's a Mointain Colors pattern with (gasp) Happy Feet yarn in a verigated red color. It's coming out quite well. It would be better if I could finish the thing.

And this little number is the Bayerisch Sock by Eunny Jang. It's a bit of a brain fryer complicater at first, but once you get going it's not too bad. I haven't quite gotten past 2 chart patterns yet but I have to knit it when the either everybody is sleeping or when they are gone which is like pulling teeth dosen't happen very often. The really nice thing is that it is a free pattern if you follow the link. I just love it. The yarn I a using is my Lorna's Laces in a purple color. The correct name is Black Berry. I just love the color. I might have to go find more of it.

Well I have to go screw around outside do chores.