Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh Really???

You're The Sound and the Fury!

by William Faulkner

Strong-willed but deeply confused, you are trying to come to grips
with a major crisis in your life. You can see many different perspectives on the issue,
but you're mostly overwhelmed with despair at what you've lost. People often have a hard
time understanding you, but they have some vague sense that you must be brilliant
anyway. Ultimately, you signify nothing.

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Well, I get the strong willed and deeply confused part, but not the crisis part. I also don't think I'm really in dispair. And of course everyone just KNOWS I'm brilliant, that's just a given. (snort) The only crisis I had lately was my mother coming to visit the sweater I am working on. And that's not exactly a crisis. I just couldn't figure out how to do the button holes so I just made the front the back so I could keep going and will do the front later when somebody who's smarter than I am knows how to do it can help. Which should be this thursday. Woo hoo!! I found a babysitter for thursday Knit Nights (you've been warned Deb) hehehe

I guess I'll have to read the book and find out.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sock Wars III

Well I went ahead and joined Sock Wars III! I hope my slow ass gets past the first round. HEH I'm not betting any green on it.
I also went and bought my daughter some rabbits. Yeah they'll be good for a one year old LOL. I also agreed to "foster" a calf for a neighbor. He's a real cutie. A black angus and I named him Porter. As in "Porterhouse" not Porter Wagner. Yeah I know I have a sick sence of humor. But at least it's not another horse (that's what I keep telling my hubby) We now have 5 horses. Well, 3 horses and 2 ponies. I picked up one from a sale a couple weeks ago for $30. Yep thirty bucks!!! Nobody else bid on the poor little girl. She is only a year old so I brought her home. thought I was gonna have to find a new one for a minute The hubby just loved her. So we're getting to be quite the farmers here. All we need are a couple pigs and a few sheep. Nothing new on the needles. I figured I had better get some of the WIPs out of the way. The I could justify getting more yarn casting on something new. I haven't really made any headway on the WIPs either. What with all the rabbit shopping and calf hunting.....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My First Knit Night

Well I survived my Very First Knit Night! (woo hoo Yea Me!!!!) Only three of us were there due to a retreat put on by the LYS. I wanted to go to the retreat but I couldn't swing it. Hopefully I can make the one in the fall. We got more yapping done that knitting, oh well, we had fun. I didn't buy any yarn because I didn't bring enough money my will power is really great. I did buy a novel though. I can't wait to read it.

I worked on my FIL's socks and got the heel turned. I been working on these socks since Dec. (Yeah hush I know!) They were started AFTER christmas though. I started them for the Jan KAL on Ravlery. But due to having a short attention span I cast on another sock and haven't finished it. I can't blame Second Sock Syndrome either, because I haven't finished the First one. (Heh)

I finished my Monkey socks by Cookie A. I loved knitting up these socks! I knit them in Mountain Colors Bearfoot that I got at my LYS.

They Seemed to knit up really fast until I got to the toe on the second one and I fuged up on the pattern. Some how I got a YO in the wrong spot so I put them in a time out for a couple days set them aside for a bit. I had to RIP my hair out back about 12 rows to fix it. No big deal(read:pain in the arse). At least it wasn't at the top of the cuff. No other new projects to report (read: can't decide what to cast on) just 2 socks for the daughter and her sweater. I did get some Lornas Laces in the mail today. I traded a fellow Ravelry user for it. They will look great when I find a pattern for them.

I also scored some yarn at Bonnie's that I had a pattern for.

The Colors aren't an exact match to the pattern because I can't remember crap anymore didn't have the pattern with me. But I think they will turn out fine. Just one color isn't right. I also have some Lornas Laces on the way in the Black Purl color. I can't wait till that gets here. That's all for now.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More New Stuff

I got a lot of new crap stuff. I went Yarn Shopping with the SIL in the twin cities last week.

I got this gorgeous yarn at the Three Kitties yarn shop my SIL thumped me on the head then drug me kicking and screaming brought me to. All is good though. hehehe I spent way too much money (of course). I also got some needles and buttons for the sweater I started for my daughter that probably won't get done until after she graduates will be done soon.

I got that one at Uniquely Knits along with these

The last three are Alpaca Sox. I haven't knit them up yet though. I'm too lazy waitting for the right pattern. I also joined a couple KALs and haven't cast on yet lol. Well I did cast one on but had to frog it because I'm an idiot it was too small.

I got the Yarn Harlot's new book at the Yarnery. She's going to be in St Paul tomorrow but I won't be able to go. Too much going on and not enough $$ due to the moronic president gas prices.

Here is the sweater I started for the daughter. The front is almost done. I just have to do the ribbing and button holes.

I started this sock a while ago but it's going to be way to big because see previous idiot comment I can't do math very well. Well that's about it for now. I need to get to Ravelry and look for more patterns check my messages